Website Design & Development in Long Island, NY

Build Your Web Presence

We offer three tiers of professionally-designed websites, each available with original multimedia and content.

  • Your theme-based website will feature an efficient layout that allows for easy maintenance and accessibility.

    Custom Domain Name
    Establish your online presence through a customized URL. Pave the way for customers to connect with you.

    Build Your Brand
    Standard website packages allow for the creation of 20 attractive pages and ten custom email addresses (, which will reinforce your online presence.

    Easy To Edit
    You will have access to our editing tools 24/7. Manage and monitor your website anytime, anywhere.

    Rotating Header
    These eye-catching features are completely customizable so that you can highlight new images. Showcase more of your products and add individuality and professionalism to your site.

    Alongside our site packages, we include a landing page for your business that complements your website. Our standard package comes with everything small and moderately sized businesses need to create a cost-effective yet professional web presence, which will facilitate the connection between your services and your customers. Newsday Connect’s easy-to-use template allows access for editing your site around the clock. Standard packages are designed around our Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, so you can take an expansive approach to your business’s online integration.

  • These products have all of the features of the essentials website with advanced options, as well as a dedicated web team member.

    Customized Template
    All of the features of our standard package with even more flexibility. Create the website you have envisioned for your business with the functions you desire.

    More Email
    Twenty email addresses will be available under your website’s domain! This creates room for your business to grow and accommodate your booming web presence.

    Dedicated Representative
    Each month, you receive an hour-and-a-half consultation with the web expert familiar with your business in order to keep your site looking exactly how you want it.

    Advanced Customization
    Our web experts will help you stay up to date on the latest standards and design practices, keeping in mind the goals and vision you have for your business.

    Our advanced website package improves upon the standard package, giving you the tools your web presence needs to thrive. With a customized design template paired with more email addresses to accommodate your growth, this package will exceed all expectations of professionalism and quality. Personal consultations with our web designers will ensure continued content quality and the latest design practices will help you to stay ahead of your competition.
  • A completely customized website built for your specific needs! You will have more creative license and discretion over your site.

    Complete Customization
    Inject your industry expertise and personality into your completely custom-built website, designed for you from scratch by one of our web experts.

    On-Going Maintenance
    Enjoy unlimited access to your personal web expert, who can aid with maintenance, design, and content on your site.

    Unlimited Content
    Unlimited pages and unlimited email addresses. The sky is the limit when it comes to promoting your business through powerful content.

    Additional Features
    Utilize custom widgets, database integration, animations, advanced security custom navigation, dynamic form creation, and much more!

    Take command of your site with our strongest web package. Unlimited creative freedom, unlimited time with our web experts, unlimited pages, and unlimited email: this makes for a truly comprehensive experience. Experience the ultimate license in control, design and freedom through the custom website package by Newsday Connect.

Some Examples of Our Websites

Streaming Video & Media

Feature your products and services over an engaging and informative video included with your website.

Analytic Reporting

Track your performance statistics with the help of our built-in trackers. You can monitor your site and make adjustments when necessary to increase usability.1

SEO & Social Media

Correlate your site with your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns to increase your web profile.

The Internet is essential to a business for the sharing of information and promotion. Approximately 78% of Americans are active Internet users, and more than 89% utilize it for product research before making the decision to buy. Cultivating the web presence of your business is now necessary to survive and remain competitive in your market. Newsday Connect of Long Island, NY offers necessary services which establish your online persona via our custom websites. Therefore, existing customers will have faster access to your services, and you’ll gain the opportunity to reach out to valuable new potential consumers. So, if you’re looking for website design and website development services, then Newsday Connect is the perfect choice.

1Access to Performance Platform and Dashboard is intended to be, but will not always be 100%, due to planned maintenance and uncontrollable downtime as per Newsday Connect product terms and conditions.