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Social Media Advertising

Experience the POWER of Social Media Advertising!

Having a business and a strong social media presence go hand-in hand, but not all business owners have the time or money to make that happen. Take the hassle out of social media with Newsday Media Group’s Social Media Advertising campaigns. New for 2020, we’re increasing our focus on sophisticated social ad strategy techniques, while incorporating a rigorous testing cycle to ensure that we’re serving your business’s social advertisements to the ideal audience with the best performing ads. Choose an ad objective and let the experts take care of the rest!


  • Social media ad spend reached more than $89 billion in 2019 – ad spend in 2020 will likely reach $102 billion
  • 86.8% of U.S. marketers use Facebook – this number will likely reach 87.1% in 2020
  • 94% of the Facebook advertising revenue for Q3 of 2019 came from mobile
  • 71% of US businesses use Instagram. It surpassed Twitter in business users in 2017
  • Instagram surpassed 1 BILLION active users as of January 2020.
  • 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users

*Newsday Media Group does not guarantee the attainment of specific results from the use of the services.

  • Managed by social media marketing experts
  • Develops a strategy to engage your target audience
  • Manages and rigorously tests a robust social media advertising strategy
  • Monitors performance while providing detailed reporting via email and within client dashboard
  • Maintain and grow upon your business’s social media presence
  • Target relevant social media users and generate engagement
  • Drive traffic to your FB & IG business pages or to your business’s website
  • Capture and nurture leads
  • Create a community of engaged consumers
  • Showcase specials and events in real time
  • Keep your brand top of mind


PACKAGEStandard SocialFeature SocialPremiere SocialElite Social
Facebook / Instagram media spend2505007501000
Go Live SLA (in business days)3338
Facebook/Instagram Profile Creation/Enhancement
Dedicated Social Team
Initial Strategy Session
Monthly Strategy Session
Objective111Up to 3
Ad Theme/FocusUp to 2Up to 2Up to 2Up to 4
Optimization with Continuous A/B Testing + Ad Refresh
Multivariate Testing
Geo + Persona Targeting
Custom, Lookalike Audience Targeting & Retargeting
Lead Ad Instant Notifications
Client Ad Approval
Ad & Strategy Changes1/mo1/mo1/mo1/mo
Campaign Reporting Email and Dashboard

Customized social media marketing campaigns are available by request

How Facebook Ads Can Benefit Your Business

Advertising on Facebook can be a great way to grow your business because it allows you to run a more targeted campaign using a huge abundance of tools. Here are some of the ways that Facebook makes it easy to run a cost-effective campaign that works: 

  • Target Your Exact Audience: Facebook gives you the tools you need to focus your ads on your most likely target audience. Its ad program breaks down potential demographics in precise detail, allowing you to target an audience based on gender, location, age, income, past behaviors, and more. 
  • Reach More People: Facebook has one of the largest user bases in the world – over two-thirds of all adults use it! This enormous market gives the site great potential for businesses of any size.
  • Set Your Budget: You can select your chosen budget at the beginning of your campaign and stick to it, ensuring that you only spend the money on ads that you intended. 
  • Customize Your Ads: Facebook offers a wide range of ad types so you can use different strategies based on your individual needs. You can use photos, videos, stories, slideshows, and even playable game demos to get your message across. 
  • Get Better Results: Facebook’s user feed ads are the single best-performing ad type over any other social media or eCommerce site. Business owners tend to see quick results from quality customers who are likely to bring repeat business, allowing you to expand your customer base and generate quality connections.

Our team can help you harness the power of Facebook to grow your business. Reach out to us today to get started!

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At Newsday, we provide social media marketing services to Suffolk County, NY. We help our clients navigate the everchanging and challenging social media marketing landscape. It can be difficult to understand the many social platforms, the best types of content for each, and finding the time to manage your accounts. Our social media marketing professionals can assist you with the curation of content and management of your accounts, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anything else. Contact us today to discuss your social media marketing needs!