Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Increase Your Online Visibility with Search Engine Marketing

Looking for search engine marketing services in Suffolk County or anywhere else in NYC or Long Island, NY? Incorporating SEM into your marketing strategies is a great way to increase traffic and online visibility for your business.

The ideal website is a collection of industry-specific information that guides the prospective customer to the point of sale as efficiently as possible. The Newsday Connect specialized SEM team will produce for you a visually appealing layout, while including unique and well-written material, captivating videos and graphics, and creative content including interactive maps.

potential customers searching on a tablet


Help generate sales and business growth, and drive traffic to your website through digital marketing and advertising strategies.

Professional Design

Newsday Connect websites are created to help entice potential customers and convert clicks into sales and leads.

Proven, Trackable Results

Inclusive reports will help to provide clear and measurable data on the accomplishment of your search engine marketing campaign.

What makes our websites such a lucrative tool in creating your online visibility is a clear call to action and links intended to effectively convert sales (phone numbers, order forms, etc.). In-depth reporting from our team updates you on accurate data relating to your campaign, helping to determine the most efficient conversion techniques that can be incorporated into your web pages. Ensure that the client sees you before they see your competition – be found with Newsday Connect today!

Powerful tool that quickly produces visibility on major search engines!

Affordable Solutions

Our Pay-Per-Click campaigns propose payment options that can provide everything from large scale campaigns to more restricted needs and budgets.

Enhances Exposure

Pay-Per-Click ads secure visibility on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing by precisely delivering your pitch to customers who are actively searching for the products and services you offer.

Search engine marketing services equipped with Pay-Per-Click ads allow your business to move above and beyond the competition and have the most visibility on the results page. A unique campaign brings your pitch to customers who are searching for your goods and services based on the keywords they use during their search; this connects eager customers instantly with your product. Deliver your message to customers before your competitors even have a chance by using Pay-Per-Click advertising – win the race before it starts!

A certified SEM professional is fully dedicated to the effectiveness of your individual campaign.

Expert Consultants

A Google-certified search engine marketing analyst will work with you to incorporate a Pay-Per-Click campaign into the development of your website that has been tailored to fit the needs of your business.

Professional Support

Your SEM analyst is a short phone call or email away, ready with data and a professional understanding of your marketing campaign’s functions.

Diligent Management

Your Search Engine Marketing analyst will dependably observe and optimize your campaign with budget-oriented tactics and industry-leading intelligence. Results are documented and presented in thorough detail in terms of clicks and leads.

Full Transparency

Thorough reporting of your campaign’s progress gives you a complete and specific account of the product that you have purchased and the efficiency of our industry-leading techniques.

Our search engine marketing campaigns excel in proficiency and customer service. In a timely and professional manner, a certified analyst will work with you to incorporate a completely tailored Pay-Per-Click campaign. Not only will your analyst keep you updated on your campaign, they will also be willing to present expert consultations regarding campaign strategy while using advanced experience and knowledge. Our analysts specialize and are trained in delivering the measurable results that you paid for. Don’t settle for anything less than cost-effective industry expertise – call to be connected with your own analyst today!

Brief, detailed reports update you on your campaign’s activity and progress of fulfillment.


View reports online available 24/7 relating to statistical data of your Pay-Per-Click campaign, updated frequently with the most current information.1

Complete Overview

Your report will show you and your analyst an inclusive look at the successes of your Pay-Per-Click campaign, including everything from cost to activity on each of your web pages.

Newsday Connect’s comprehensive reporting system produces a new report for each campaign, each day. This is a necessary tool in the dynamic world of search engine marketing, allowing for increased optimization and more timely results. Transparency and consistency are essential to the success of the SEM product that we manage. Contact us today to receive the full benefits from Newsday Connect and watch as we jump start your business’s online visibility!

1Ability to gain access to Dashboard and Performance Platform is intended to be, but will not be, 100% as a result of planned maintenance and uncontrollable outages as per Newsday Connect product terms and conditions.