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Video Marketing

A customized video will generate heightened interest in your business and increase your web presence and credibility. We utilize professional techniques and follow industry standards to produce well-made pieces of multimedia content. You can be confident that we will help you to create a video that will suit the needs of your business and work to promote any specific aspects of your products or services. At Newsday Connect of Long Island, NY, we have the best viral marketing tools necessary to help your business.


Customizable Videos

A video is a powerful tool for attracting and holding interest in your company’s message. Whether you want to focus on a certain product or you want to inform viewers about a technique used in your business, our videos are the perfect feature for your site.

Various Video Formats

There are a couple of different video formats for your business to take advantage of. Let us help you decide which will be right for you.

Entertaining Features

Combine audio, video, and images for a beautiful piece of multimedia content that will keep your viewers’ attention while visiting your site.

Customizable Options

Create a video that will grab attention, inform the viewer, and sell your products. Your online video marketing campaign will be persuasive and influential to viewers. Customers will dive further into your website, learning more about each product or service you offer.

Customizable Script

Script your video to include the services and industry expertise that you offer. Provide specific information about your company so the video can serve as an effective voice for your business.

Inform and delight with professional quality Internet videos.

A first impression can, at times, make or break a sale conversion. Ensure that your message and your business are represented with professionalism and quality. Our custom video production can craft a well-made Internet video that will attract your customer’s attention and convert their interest into a sale. Seek a consultation today and find out how.

Professional Design

Our professional production quality will establish legitimacy and be most effective for generating interest and sales.

Professional Voice-Over

A professional voice-over will deliver prepared information about your company, lending you credibility and informing your customers about what you do and who you are.

Generate more traffic for your business, resulting in more sales potential.

Viral marketing is a phenomenon that spreads ideas and messages like nothing marketing has seen before! With professional online video quality, you can generate interest in your business through word-of-mouth and the viral effect. The increased traffic all but ensures more sales and a better bottom line. Just wait and see what our professional movie makers can do!

Increase Web Presence

A charismatic online video will make your brand more recognizable to customers and increase the likelihood they will share your business with others.

Video Sites

Sharing and promoting your Internet video on popular networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook will spread it to a wider audience and increase your web presence.

Increase Sales

Professional quality and technique will result in increased interest, traffic and sales.

Enhance Image

A high-quality video acting as your first impression will hook a customer and make them more likely to do business with you.

Build your brand and attract customers!

Professionally crafted Internet videos will get your brand out there and generate conversation about your business. An optimized video will generate traffic for your website, reveal your business to potential customers, and grow your marketing and web presence like no other marketing tool you’ve had access to before. Contact us for a consultation and to see how effective our products are today!

Increase Customer Base

A well-produced video is both entertaining and informative. This is the key to unlocking a new wealth of customers.

Increase Brand Recognition

Help users to identify your brand and business by choosing our professional video creation.