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Online Reputation Management Services

Control Your Online Reputation With The Help of Newsday Connect

Aggressively scouring the entire Internet for reputation indicators and mentions is a weary task that is too large in scope to handle along with the day-to-day requirements of running your business. Why spend valuable time in front of a computer rather than working to improve your services and address customer needs?

Allow our industry-leading team of reputation management professionals to do the hard work for you, sending you a comprehensive report on a monthly basis. Only if there is a dire need for action on your part will our team of consultants contact you to suggest the best course. Relax, let our experience and technology handle the hard part, and take a proactive stance for your online reputation.


Standard Reputation Management

Featuring both standard and advanced Reputation Management services.

  • Track your visibility across 15+ popular business listing sites and see what those sites have to say about you.
  • Monitor and answer reviews about your business and services across 10+ business review websites.
  • Compare how your voice stacks against that of your competitors.
  • Stay aware of any factors that affect your reputation through straightforward reporting and email alerts.
Advanced Reputation Management

A dedicated reputation management analyst to provide consultations and answer any questions.

  • Everything included in our Standard SMM product, plus…
  • Monitor reviews across the web and respond to those reviews directly.
  • Follow visibility of your business throughout the Internet and major listing sites.
  • Track and follow all web mentions of your business and respond as needed.

Take a proactive stake in your company’s online reputation by monitoring reports and taking decisive action.

Newsday Connect’s reputation management platform will help you take control and utilize reviews written about you online. Our tool does the research and sentiment-tracking for you, allowing you to focus your time and energy on calculated, professional responses to your reviews. A negative review is nothing to be afraid of, but ignoring one completely can prove damaging. A positive finish to any negative review shows that you are willing to do what it takes to satisfy your customers, even those that are the most critical of your business.


A monthly report will provide you with monthly statistical data about your reviews and listings, saving you the time of compiling the information on your own.

Competitive Analysis

Our reporting practices enable you to measure the scope of your web presence with that of your competition.

Timely Alerts

A real-time alert system will contact you via email if there is any negative mention that needs your immediate attention, allowing you to quickly address it.

Personal Touch

An experienced team of reputation management professionals will get in direct contact with you when you need to take action. No need for constant monitoring, as our team will do that for you.

Looking to become more influential online? By discovering where and how your business is mentioned on the Internet, you can take an active stance in meeting your reputation head-on. Address negative reviews, thank positive reviewers, inform customers – our technology will thrust your business’s brand into the conversations that influence your industry. Track your message vs. your competition’s and kick-start your online reputation today!

See where your business stands as an influencer in your field, and find out what everyone else is saying about you.

Gauge Competition

Our cutting-edge technology will monitor your mentions and sphere of influence in relation to that of your direct competition. Stay one step ahead of the competition with our help.

Find Mentions

Mentions are difficult to find, potentially buried beneath pages of content. Our technology can unearth the most hidden mentions for a more complete reading of your reputation.

Evaluate Sentiment

What exactly is the Internet saying about your business? Is the popular discourse negative or positive, and what is the context? We can find that out for you.

Constant Monitoring

Effective reputation management involves scope and patience. Our technology affords you this scope without sacrificing your time and energy. Rest easy knowing that your reputation is being protected by our systems at all times.

Respond to customer complaints and criticisms, and even turn a negative review into a positive one.

Get Listed

We make sure that your business is present and visible on popular review sites, directories, social networks, and search engines.

Get Reviewed

A negative review can become a positive for your business if it is responded to in the right way. Our reputation management professionals can show you how to respond quickly and effectively.

What’s Being Said?

Our reputation management technology will scour popular business review sites like UrbanSpoon, Yelp and Yahoo! Local to learn what customers are saying about your business and suggest how to most effectively react to build a positive web reputation.

Address Concerns

Our cutting-edge reputation management platform allows you to respond to reviews, both negative and positive.

No Research Required

Don’t spend all of your time looking into mentions and your competition’s reputation. It’s a huge, time-consuming undertaking. Let our tools do the research for you.

Change the Narrative

Learn how to make even the most negative review into a potential positive by using tools for listening and addressing a customer’s concern.

Constructive Criticism

Sometimes you will need to revise the way you do business. Learn how to sort out constructive criticisms and how to use that criticism to strengthen your business.

Effective Response

Criticism and negative reviews empower you to set things straight. You’ll be encouraged to make changes not only for the customer who wrote the review, but for potential customers who may find the review.