Landing Page Conversions

Convert Page Views Into Sales With A Personalized Landing Page

Landing pages are a highly customizable and incredibly versatile tool for marketing to your local community via the Internet.

Think of our landing pages as a concentrated sales pitch, a place where your customer is shown concentrated information regarding your goods and services, artfully presented through multimedia. At Newsday Connect, our landing pages are designed to convert a page view into a sale, to bring more interest to your company’s main website. Take advantage of the marketability and adaptability of a landing page today!


Newsday Connect Landing Page

An aesthetically packed, concise sales pitch that is designed to attract and hold interest, and then convert to quick sales.

What Do You Offer

Skip through filler text by offering a concise outline of your business and the goods and services you provide. The no-nonsense nature of a landing page is one of its greatest strengths.

Set the Stage

The versatility and informative nature of a landing page make it the perfect tool for introducing your brand and services to potential customers.


Keep a steady flow of content coming to your landing page by using our blogging tools. Enable the dynamic updating of your landing page with events, promotions, and specials.

Add specially tailored multimedia content to your landing page to create an interactive, engaging experience for potential customers.

Deliver information to search engines efficiently, utilizing multimedia to convert sales and show your potential customers what your business is about in as few words as possible. A landing page is a powerful tool that can have a variety of applications. Landing pages will use multimedia and concise information to give your business an impact and increase your web presence. Take advantage of our landing pages today!


Images are a great way of showing potential customers what you can do. Whether it is finished services or the products you sell, pictures can speak volumes to a customer.

Interactive Presence

Embedded videos are the ultimate tool to catch attention and keep a viewer on the page. Don’t miss out on standing out from your competition by using multimedia to its fullest.

Miss No Opportunity

Include all relevant information so that your customer always knows how to reach you, including phones numbers, addresses, and hours of operation.

Don’t Get Lost!

An interactive map will allow your customers to see exactly where your business is, further easing a conversion and guiding the customer to action.

Maintain your relationship with existing customers and branch out to new ones using landing pages as your platform.

A landing page is built, above all else, for communication with customers and legitimizing your online presence. Communicate directly with your valued clients through email, reviews, and dynamic blogging. A landing page offers a personality and accessibility that will cultivate a strong web presence and give you the platform to interact with your customers like never before.

Stand Out

A customized landing page URL, tailored to your business, will legitimize your company and connect easier with customers.

Build Relationships

Improve your business’s web reputation by addressing and interacting with customer reviews.

Email Made Easy!

Add to your web presence with email addresses customized to your business’s name. Ease customer interaction and add professionalism.

Drive sales with search engine optimization (SEO) and social media page integration.

Your landing page is designed to have impact for your web presence by linking to social media marketing sites. Put your landing page, and thus your sales pitch, in the center of social interaction with social media marketing. SEO will supplement your landing page by increasing your business’s rankings and presence on the Internet. A landing page with social media and SEO makes for an unbeatable digital marketing strategy that can propel your web presence forward. Don’t miss out; consult with us today!

Social Media

An online marketing phenomenon that is geared towards utilizing digital communication for social interaction and sharing.

Social Media Sites

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Foursquare pages will allow you to interact with customers on a social level, enabling a greater presence and higher traffic.

Comprehensive Internet Strategy

Cultivate a synergetic Internet presence that integrates your landing page with search engine optimization and social media campaigns.