Social Media Marketing (SMM) in Long Island, NY

Newsday Connect of Long Island, NY creates Social Media Marketing packages designed with a streamlined interface to present you with an effective, easy-to-use method of communication with your customers, with the convenience of a devoted portal. By handling your social media campaign from one general location, you are able to spend more time and energy managing your business. Contact us today to begin engaging with potential customers through landing page conversions and viral marketing.

Social Media Marketing Features

Two SMM packages are available to best fit your company’s needs.


Standard SMM
  • Increase your customer base with a dynamic Facebook marketing strategy and innovative welcome tab. Appeal to new customers with a “Like” driving coupon, keep current and potential customers updated on your newest promotional offers, and post maps, video, and contact forms for real-time lead driving.
  • Keep your customers in the know with professional Twitter and Blog Marketing, and Foursquare business accounts.
  • Access all of your business’s social media campaigns through one easy portal. You are able to announce your message in one location, and that message is sent to all of your social media pages.
Advanced SMM
  • Everything included in our Standard SMM product, plus…
  • Enhance your services with a business-devoted YouTube channel.
  • Create quarterly marketing videos to upload to YouTube, Landing Pages, and Facebook.
  • Through Foursquare, promote quarterly special offers.
  • Professionally written weekly blog and social media updates, tailored to your industry and geographic area, allow you to advertise to your current and prospective customers.
  • Take advantage of advanced social media outlets on Google+ and LinkedIn business pages.

Coordinate a social media marketing campaign with our team of SMM professionals.

Trust our industry professionals to create and implement an SMM campaign tailored to the needs and goals of your business. From account setup to update support, our professional team will be there for you and your business.

Profile Creation

Expand your social network profile using industry-tested best practices, increasing your website traffic and bringing new business to your company by taking advantage of our experience and research.


Our easy-to-use blogging platform allows you to update Facebook and Twitter accounts at the same time.

Expert Advice

Our comprehensive SMM services are accompanied by the professional knowledge and support of our staff to help your business engage with customers efficiently.

Customer Service

Connect with a committed SMM specialist to ask any questions or concerns that you may have during your SMM campaign. Our educated staff is there to help you through every step of the way.

Connect with your customers by utilizing our Blog marketing services.

Effortless Updates

Our blogging platform allows you to access your entire SMM campaign with just one post to our user-friendly portal. You can update your company profiles on Twitter and Facebook from one convenient spot.


Conveniently access our blogging platform 24/71.


Our user-friendly system makes blog marketing easy and convenient by allowing you to post updates manually or schedule updates automatically.

Keep In Touch

Stay connected with your customers and keep them in the loop of promotions, special offers, and upcoming events.

Blog updates allow businesses the chance to communicate with current customers, attract prospective customers, and establish themselves as specialists in their industries. Our SMM interface is designed to be easy and accommodating. Call us and start blogging today!

1Ability to gain access to Dashboard and Performance Platform is intended to be, but will not be 100% as a result of planned maintenance and uncontrollable outages as per Newsday Connect product terms and conditions.

Advertise your business on the largest databases of prospective clientele available today.

Increase Customer Base

Enter into the continuously growing social media world and utilize the most efficient product and service recommendation platform available.

Improve Communication

Network with your customers on a personal level and enhance relations with regular updates to social networks through simple and convenient Facebook and Twitter marketing portals.

Social Networking gives businesses an opportunity to increase brand awareness, connect with customers directly, and build relationships and trust with prospective buyers. By utilizing our professional SMM services, your business will reach a larger population of prospective customers, while gaining a unique outlook into your own products and services directly from current and prospective customers. You will have easy access to all of your social networking outlets by taking advantage of our easy-to-use portal. Get connected today!